Translation Activities


Multi-lingual translation of Priority Systematic Reviews of Effective Health Care Interventions in Nigeria

Nigeria is Africa‚Äôs most populous nation with a multi-ethnic population of 180 million people belonging to over 300 language groups. Igbo, Hausa and Yoruba are leading language groups spoken by at least two thirds of the citizens, and there are at least 15 other languages spoken by at least 2 million persons. English is the official administrative language but national information agencies aim to communication essential civic and health information in the various indigenous languages. In fact, both the Federal Ministry of Information and National Agency for social mobilization and orientation have well-articulated communication strategies which emphasize the use of traditional channels of communication preferably in the local language. The need to communicate health information in location language is much higher in rural communities and locations with very low levels of adult literacy. 

Cochrane systematic reviews provide reliable research evidence about the effects of healthcare interventions. Many of these reviews address health problems that are highly prevalent and account for high burden of morbidity, disability and deaths in Nigeria. For about a decade, Cochrane Nigeria has been engaged in dissemination of Cochrane systematic review to healthcare professionals, policy makers and the general public in formats that have been communicated primarily in English Language. These dissemination efforts which include seminars, conferences, newsletters and media roundtable, facilitate information dissemination to the general public through national print and electronic media. These channels of communication could not directly reach several millions of Nigerians who could not read or understand English language. The multi-lingual translation program of Cochrane Nigeria is an effort to resolve this inequity in our efforts to disseminate reliable healthcare research evidence capable enhancing healthcare and wellbeing of Nigerian people. 


The aim of the Cochrane Nigeria multi-lingual translation programme is to make summaries of priority Cochrane systematic reviews that are relevant to healthcare and wellbeing in Nigeria available in as many Nigerian languages as possible; and to widely disseminate these through as many channels as are accessible to the Nigerian populace especially disadvantaged segments of the citizenry.


A key strategy is to produce podcasts of these local language summaries of Cochrane systematic reviews, and to disseminate same through radio, Cochrane Nigeria website, social media and at public gatherings.

Getting involved

You too can be part of this effort by being a Volunteer. Volunteers are needed to translate plain language summaries of Cochrane reviews to Efik, Hausa, Igbo, Yoruba languages and any other Nigerian languages within your capability. If you are interested in joining Cochrane Nigeria as a Volunteer, please kindly send an email to 


To listen to podcasts of local language summaries of Cochrane systematic reviews, please click here