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Media Practitioners with Facilitators and Branch Staff – 23 rd July 2013

Media Practitioners with Facilitators and Branch Staff – 23rd July 2013


The media roundtable is an initiative developed by Cochrane Nigeria to share news-breaking evidence from Cochrane Reviews with media Practitioners. The initiative, which began in 2012, consists of ‘round-table’ discussions held once or twice a year on notable Cochrane reviews as well as dissemination of Cochrane Wiley press releases bimonthly to media practitioners. The number of media houses involved in each of these sessions typically range between fifteen to twenty. These include practitioners from newspaper houses, radio and television stations. The round-table discussions consist of short presentations on evidence from Cochrane reviews on topical issues. These presentations are followed by questions and discussions between the media practitioners and the facilitators on the topic presented. Some of the issues that have been handled in these round-table sessions are:

1. Guidelines for management of severe malaria – 3rd April 2012
2. Malaria in Pregnancy – 24th September 2012
3. Impact of Salt Reduction on Hypertension – 23rd July 2013

The response from media practitioners has been encouraging. A notable number of articles have been published in printed and online newspapers based on these Cochrane Reviews and are listed below:

Newspaper Articles

BusinessDay - September 7, 2014: Asthma suppress growth in children

The Union - May 28, 2014: Zinc supplements boost immune system in children 

BusinessDay - March 21, 2014: Mass drug administration for Malaria 

BusinessDay - January 31,2014 : Excercise Is Beneficial for Patients with Dementia

BusinessDay - November 1, 2013: Pregnant Women Who Recieve Midwife Care Have Better Outcomes

BusinessDay - September 27, 2013: No evidence to show deworming children improves school performance, says new research

National Daily Newspaper - August 2, 2013: Hypertension: Experts warn against excessive salt intake

This day - July 19, 2012: Drugs used to treat HIV also reduce risk of HIV Infection

This day - July 19, 2012: Fewer Iron supplements during pregnancy could prevent anaemia


Radio Broadcasts

Salt and Hypertension - 11th April Radio Nigeria Atlantic FM 104.5