Training and events

Cochrane Nigeria provides free training workshops designed to facilitate the process of completing a Cochrane systematic review. The training team offers workshop sessions and courses for authors initiating, conducting, and updating Cochrane reviews.
Cochrane Protocol Development Workshop
These workshops are designed to assist authors in the process of initiating a systematic review from the early stages of writing a protocol. The development of a protocol involves designing a review question, determining the intervention, deciding on study criteria, and choosing the outcome of interest. This workshop includes an introductory session on the software used for data management and analysis in Cochrane reviews, RevMan.
Reviews for Africa Programme (RAP) Nigeria 
The Reviews for Africa Programme (RAP) aims to train African Health Researchers and Providers in the science of research synthesis and assist them to initiate and prepare a Cochrane Review, ultimately for publication in the Cochrane Library. Up until 2008, RAP was conducted exclusively in South Africa; in 2009, however, the Nigerian editioin of RAP was initiated.
The RAP Nigeria consists of three phases: 
Phase 1: Protocol Development Workshop (at a designated location)
Phase 2: Publication of the protocol, preparation of the Cochrane Review (at participant's home institution)
Phase 3: Cochrane review finishing school (at a designated location)
Mentoring Programme
Cochrane Nigeria runs a mentoring programme. Mentoring may take either of two forms: a reviewer may be paired with a mentor who is in the same region/institution as he is; or he may undergo an internship programme at the branch during which he will be taught by a number of more experienced review authors. 
Nigerian Cochrane Contributors Meeting (NCCM)
The Nigerian Cochrane Contributors Meeting (NCCM) provides an opportunity for Nigerian based members, actively involved in Cochrane, to get together to learn, debate and network. The meeting is intended to give an overview of some of the major issues of the moment, while the workshops are a forum for training, consultation, methodological research and information sharing.
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